As with cut graphics, the start point for this is either providing us with a dimensioned photo (or we can do this for you) and your durability needs and we can start the process by making a computer generated image of your requirements so you can see what you'll be getting.

If your signage needs involve multiple colours or colour fades, then a digitally printed graphic is what you will be after.

Fort ICT Solution have at 2015 generation, eight colour Mimaki JV300-160 Digital Printer capable of printing up to 1490mm wide and over 60,000 colours.

We print onto a wide range of products from short-term easily removed vinyl's that requires no clean up after removal, to high quality long life vinyls.

In addition to standard vinyl, we can print onto:-

  • Various banner materials for banners or billboards
  • Poster papers of varying thickness
  • One way window blocking Univision, this is for vehicle or building windows, meaning you can see out, but no one can see in, protecting the contents from unwanted attention or providing privacy on internal windows of open offices while allowing natural light in
  • Completely clear vinyl's that when applied show only the printed elements of the design
  • Translucent vinyls, providing backing for your signage along with privacy for occupants while allowing natural light in
  • Varying textured finishes for internal prints that give a strikingly different finish to flat vinyl's
  • Conformable vinyls that are designed to be worked and applied over three dimensional shapes without loss of longevity or depth of colour

To further extend the life of the printed colours when exposed to constant UV by various additional processes, either overlaying these prints with clear laminate, or spraying with Resene Hypershield which also increases resistance to graffiti damage.

If required, digital prints can be processed through either of our two state of the art Mimaki plotters, to cut any unwanted print sections out (just like normal cut graphics) with high levels of accuracy, or to produce client applied stickers.

For prints over 1490mm wide, Fort ICT Solution have longstanding relationships with various print providers to be able to provide a Capture guaranteed product as big as your mind can stretch your signage ideas too.

To some all these options may sound totally complicated, but explain your requirements to the team at Fort ICT solution and we'll match these to the best products available to meet your individual needs, so you get everything you need at the best price.

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